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Sunday Night Drum Circle — Little Beach, Maui

Laid out…

Local drum circle on Sunday nights: It’s not in the guidebooks, but, if you are open to spending the evening on a nude beach listening to kettle drum, bongo, and tabla beats, it’s worth checking out. After the sunset, about 100 of us exited in a ritualistic procession led by three men wielding torches and lighting our way down a windy trail of rocks. My friend summarized the evening best:

“I finally understand what this whole peace-love thing is about!”


Greenspace: Your Natural Flow or a Parody of Fate?

Photograph by author

Bursting in with comet speed,
Tailing ethereal escapes,
Folding in and out of state,
The salacious flirt now spins retreat.

Exhales draw breath with renewed interest.
Green pastures bend to golden sandstone with a deadline footnote.
Spontaneous combustion takes the fall.
Sublime surrender in rubble razes ground.

With charming rescue, wildlife rings celestial bodies.
Coincidence swims with shouldered intent.
Accidents pour with pretext.
Either way, love now enters the equation…

Tripping skyward among insanely sunny showers,
Freefalling into a bed of mudded waters,

Eyes open!
Twisting wood and ocean hues are charging the horizon.
Smiling wildly at that spark of green before a setting sun,
Standing like a hanging man released from a parody of fate.

Is that sweat upon brow hovering over a grin?
Yes! The prism discovered its flood of light.

And so it goes, a fall trips spring…
Unearthed reflection now pitches universal color!

Haleakala, Maui: A Day Trip, Perhaps?

photograph by author

Haleakala Crater — a spell binding drive…

The sunrise at Haleakala Crater in Maui is at the top of “must see” tourist destinations. Being so close to the equator, the daylight is a 12-hour cycle, approximately 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Not keen on the idea of getting up at 3:30 in the morning and splinting yourself with layers of clothing in preparation for wintry 30-degree temperatures? Then opt for a day trip, and enjoy it!

As we were reminded by the hotel staff, the sun’s glows play off of the clouds — the more clouds the more colors. So if you are an early riser, make sure the weather forecasters bet on dawn paying its dues. We chose to take the trip midday (less crowded). It was December — the height of the rainy season.

Horses lounged in the lush green grass — only expending energy to refuel. Turnabouts offered glimpses of an ocean haze beyond the expanse of undulating land. As we sloped around each new ridge, yellow rays wavered in silver-grey plumes. Green pastures gave way to dry brush and rock-strewn sediment. Clouds gushed and twirled in a hurried tempo. And the blue sky consumed it all.

An approaching storm broke the enchanted Alice in Wonderland spell. And we hauled ass on our descent. We never made it to the crater — pretty close though. Rent a convertible and the ethereal wind-up will unshackle your reality. The vastness of space alerts your senses. And, without hindrance, primary colors intersperse with their complements as the landscape cuts into the sky.

U2 – Honolulu


A look back in anticipation of the new album coming out in 2008 along with some nostalgia from seeing Bono speak at the Liberty Medal Ceremony in Philadelphia last week…

Upon arriving at Aloha Stadium in our ghetto Limo (adorned with duct tape and all), we head to the parking lot and retrieve our general admission wristbands — ensuring our spot in the coveted inner circle. We arrive at 2:00 pm, and several hundred of us swelter under blue skies until the gates opened at about 5:00 pm.

Once inside, the pre-game begins. Fans from Amsterdam, London, Italy, Australia, and yes, Philly too, exchange stories about preceding shows in the tour — playlists, performances, surprise guests.

People share food, alcohol, and contact info. etc. I end up swapping my cell battery with a guy from London. You see, his battery died, and he was waiting on an all-important text from a friend — a message that could take him backstage (and the desperate look on his face seemed genuine). How could I refuse?

The concert: We rocked out in total Elevation (yeah, I know) — U2, Pearl Jam, and a surprise appearance by Green Day’s front man, Billie Joe. I lost my voice for the next two days.

It sounds totally impractical to fly 12 hours for a concert, but it is hands down my best concert experience (and I’ve been to my share). The camaraderie, the excitement…it was pure euphoria! By the way — Jeremy Piven stood next to me during the show…no big thing (actually, it wasn’t because I did not watch Entourage).