Caffeine High

This poem was inspired by the 15 minutes I spent in one of our community’s most eclectic and inviting coffee shops —  La Colombe — located around the corner from Rittenhouse Square Park, Philadelphia, PA.

Strokes in rust sweep the walls,

Splashed with cityscapes that welcome all.

Dark wooden floors complete the set.

Ahead, a man in black sits with another,

The other in shades, a flattering Nicholson brother.

Expressing in whispers and not in face,

They both sit with a little grace.

Bouncing glows play off matter.

A faint pulse coils the clatter.

Still, melodic laughter cloaks the latter.

Two tables down, a tousled crown in silver,

Screens a gaze darting from glimpse to phrase.

Her rims cushioned in nose-guard fashion,

Writing in spurts, she scripts the action.


Not to meet, we work in tandem.

And I wonder, does she unearth gold in the random?

Swirls of cinnamon, vanilla, and mocha too,

Dance in silence about the room.

I sip the mood alongside my tea,

As a man enters my periphery.

In blue scrubs and a bound black tress,

He must be the rebel of his dress.

Still, under it all he is wired to go,

So he buys his coffee and exits the show…